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Maximize your experience of IT Service Management with 4D ITSM.


Problem Management

You can systemize your workflows. For any problem; from easiest to hardest, you can provide a partnership with the coordination of different IT departments.

Help Desk

You can support end-users more effectively, find quick solutions to their problems. You can increase the satisfaction rate of IT as well as improve this satisfaction rate with continuous reporting capabilities.

Knowledge Base

When you reach the solution after a help desk or problem management process, you can easily write down and archive it in Knowledge Base. This will help you in future IT cases and if necessary, end users and administrative staff can find automatic solutions to their problems with the help of artificial intelligence.


You can generate detailed reports that will lead to a precise and holistic view of all your IT processes.

Fault and Request Management

You can automate your helpdesk processes in which you have full control from event creation time to the moment of resolution. Therefore you can improve the efficiency of your IT staff.

Distinctive Features

4D ITSM is distinguished from other similar products because of its superior technical features. Your IT service management experience is maximized with 4Dimensions ITSM.


our company

We have implemented 4Dimensions ITSM, which we intend to combine IT infrastructures with a professional management tool.




Our Aim;

As an Information Technologies Company, we provide an ITIL v4 based Service Management Platform that will enable all our customers to be competitive in global market.

  With 4Dimensions ITSM platform, it will be possible to keep track of the IT asset inventory and their inter-relationships. The service catalog can be developed and presented to the users' service. Customer, partner, supplier, company management and all shareholders can transparently work together and co-create value. Digital transformation will be exactly and accurately implemented by means of accountable, performance and security-oriented IT governance.



To increase the motivation and productivity of the personnel.

You can measure the performance of your employees with reports. You can differentiate between working and non-working so that you can increase the motivation of your staff. The reports presented during career planning will become very important for managers.

To provide that services turn into a healthier structure/process

You can measure the quality of the services offered in accordance with the principle of continuous innovation and improvement of ITIL standards and turn them into targets. You can follow up service level agreements with suppliers over ITSM. You can check whether calls are answered in a timely and active manner. In this way, you can optimize your company expenses.

To improve the ınformation technologies processes.

The presented platform looks at information governance from a broad perspective. Identifies failing aspects and makes appropriate changes in the organization chart. Makes IT governance more effective and up-to-date.

Complete the digital transformation.

It speeds up the digitalization of manual processes and makes the business more competitive. It creates new services that make a difference with the feedback received from customers. This will keep it ahead of its competitors. In your organization, you can make your employees and stakeholders feel the change. You can associate them with transformation.


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You choose the product that best suits your needs with our simple licensing model. No need to pay more.
As standard:
  • Fault and Request Management
  • Asset Management (Basic)
  • Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base
  • Problem Management
  • Reporting
In addition the Standard license:
  • + Inventory and Configuration Management
  • + SLA Management
  • + Supplier Management
  • + Customer Management
  • + Service Catalog
  • + Change Management
  • + Finance Management
  • + Reporting for New Management Tools
In addition the Professional license:
  • + Event Tracking
  • + Risk Management
  • + Service Availability Management
  • + Reporting for New Management Tools


international processes

Maximize computing service processes.
It gets rid of old methods and increases customer satisfaction in new digital environments.


ITIL v4 Compatibility
4D ITSM has been designed with ITIL v4 in mind. Hence, you can manage your business processes to the latest international standards and increase your customer satisfaction.
National and International Compatibility
The infrastructure is designed by taking into consideration ISO 27001, USOM, SOME, CDPR, etc. processes. Therefore, you can provide exact compliance with our country and international regulations.
Each module in the product is fully integrated with each other. Data entry into the system is done once at its source and the relevant data has come into use in all modules simultaneously.
4D ITSM is suitable for modular use in the direction of general needs. You can upgrade your license after you start using it with the most basic license at startup. In this way, you can increase the number of modules.


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  • Service Operation

    You can carry out your activities by meeting the service levels. Through, the solution takes place in the service life cycle.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    You can analyze your data using artificial intelligence. Therefore, you can make the correct decisions at the right time with powerful reporting options.

  • Customizable

    You can create your own platform with usage features for each sector.

  • Rich Features

    You can use powerful reporting and analysis tools. Thus you can make more accurate decisions in your business processes. You can provide faster solutions to your end users and record these solutions.

  • Service Improvement

    IT processes need to be constantly updated to increase the value-added and adapt to technology. For this reason, services are continuously measured and analyzed.

  • Ease of Use

    You can get started quickly with an easy-to-use interface. You can focus on your computing processes from the first day, after installation and configuration.


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